Australian barbershop quartet

Cabaret Showreel: get a taste of our on-stage acting feel
and listen to our very own rendition of Lollipop

Bobby and the Pins vintage retro

Live on stage at our event Big Band Barbershop Hop

Vintage GarageSinging Tuxedo Junction live at Vintage Garage in Collingwood.

In the midst of a photoshoot, we take you “behind the seams”
for the classic Jeepers Creepers


One of our pop-up performances – we stopped by the Melbourne Writer’s Festival to perform for the book enthusiasts our rendition of Mister Sandman

This one is a blast from the past… from the past. Back in 2010 when our line-up included one lucky guy, Robert, we put together this little mash up of Mister Sandman and In The Mood.