Sat 12 Nov: Nature Walks

Join the David Attenborough of music, Bobby Blue, as she takes you on a botanical musical tour of the Fitzroy Gardens with her 1950s girl group in tow. A Melbourne Music Week event!

Date: Saturday 12 November 2016
Times: 12pm, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm
Venue: Fitzroy Gardens, 230 Wellington Parade, East Melbourne
Meeting at the Visitor Centre
Price: $7
Tickets on sale Tuesday 4 October via

A brand new show from from the Bobby and the Pins trio.


Join Bobby and the Pins for  beautiful tour of the Fitzroy Gardens! Learn about the local flora and quirky facts like the best shrub to use for aphrodisiac purposes. Develop a new relationship with nature, as guided by three passionate bush enthusiasts. All punctuated with lovely music for garden strolls, sung in a capella harmony.

Audiences are invited to join Bobby and the Pins at the Fitzroy Gardens Visitor Centre, where the tour route will be revealed. From there they can expect to learn a host of real facts about the surrounding nature and then promptly forget them in the midst of pure silliness.

NATURE WALKS is part of the Melbourne Music Week Satellite program: curated live shows in iconic and unconventional spaces, giving rise to rousing performances and stimulating creative concepts.

Fitzroy Gardens Visitor Centre is located off Wellington Parade: