It Was The Night Before Bobbymas: 2014 wrap-up and plans for 2015

As we teeter on the cusp of Christmas madness, we can’t help but reflect on the year that’s been for Boozey and the Pimms.

We’ve had a spectacular year, filled with eruptions of creativity and explosions of costumes.

Some of the more unlikely favourite moments for the year include:

Finally singing a song with the velvet-draped, gin-soaked madame, Tina Del Twist. Her disdain and our excessive cheese made for comedy gold.
Visiting Malt Shop Hop with Mr Doo Wop at PBS. Seriously, those guys are the best. They wrote us a theme tune, an actual theme tune for Bobby and the Pins, and treated us like family.
Increasing the amount of toilet paper we use in shows exponentially. It’s a genius comedic device, you can have that one for free!

Oh and debuting a bunch of new material was a blast: Glamping, 50s Barbershop Tunes for Darebin’s Morning Music, Vintage Variety and Around The World with Bobby and the Pins. We were so thankful for all of the support and excellent media coverage we got. Melbourne, get into our arms for a hug. Right now.

What’s happening in 2015

Well, Bobby Blue plans to turn a new leaf in 2015 and finally start “livin’ within the law.” The rest of us don’t believe her.

We’ll also be performing at the Port Fairy Folk Festival, which runs 6 – 9 March 2015. And you can see us at the Castlemaine State Festival, which runs 13 – 22 March. We’ll be there on the 21st of March, but do check out the rest of the program.

In 2014 we debuted our first Bobby and the Pins original, “If I Were A Bird” to an excellent response, thus 2015 will involve more songwriting. Next in the works is “Cheese Dreams,” a very important community announcement conveyed through song.

Lastly, we will be recording some tracks which will be available for people to have, as an actual thing. You could listen to Bobby and the Pins in the bath. You could listen to Bobby and the Pins on a plane. You could listen to Bobby and the Pins while playing an awkward game of family Twister at next such celebration!

A big thanks again to everyone who offers us their ongoing support. We love what we do and it makes our little hearts palpitate that you do too. Please do feel free to email us with any suggestions for what you would like to see us do in 2015:

And let the silly season COMMENCE!

Bobby and the Pins