Will Sing for a Ride, photoshoot with Rohan Spong

This editorial-style photoshoot is part of a long-term relationship between Bobby and the Pins and the divine Rohan Spong.

We are honoured to be unofficial muses for Melbourne filmmaker and photographer, Rohan Spong. Let’s just say the man has taste.

This photoshoot was commissioned for a magazine editorial request and turned into something quite spectacular. Champagne bottles were popped, Rohan wore his wellies and we went on a road trip to the country. We waited patiently for “magic hour” to appear (read: we ate many a snack, sung Rohan a ditty and shared tales of horseback rides-gone-wrong).

Rohan Spong has the title of casual artistic director of Bobby and the Pins. His sense of humour matches ours perfectly, and under his direction we birth beautiful art. All of the beauteous art one could want.

Special thanks to Diamond Dog Vintage for providing many of the vintage suitcases.

Do cast your eyeballs to below gallery!