Vintage Variety with Bobby and the Pins: 21 and 22 Nov

Vintage Variety Bally on High

Two nights. 12 vintage acts. 16 op shops have gone out of business in the making of this show. It’s Vintage Variety with Bobby and the Pins.

We are pleased to announce we are hosting and programming a special event for the annual Bally on High festival this year. You can find us with a motley crew of vintage performers in a circus tent out front of Northcote Town Hall, on Friday 21 & Saturday 22 November, 9.40pm. Tickets are $15, purchase them now by clicking here.

Vintage Variety

Vintage Variety with Bobby and the Pins presents an array of performers delivering high quality, nostalgic acts. Audiences will be transported right across the 1900s, stopping off to enjoy the style of entertainment unique to each era. Expect cabaret, burlesque, circus, music, comedy, magic and more.

Our big line-up:

  • The divine classic tease of burlesque legend Dolores Daiquiri
  • Circus amazingness from Miss Ellaneous
  • Satirical and quirky songs from Stephen Blackburn (Tim and Debbie, Fast Forward and Dodgey Brothers)
  • Clowning hilarity from star of WOMANZ, Tessa Waters
  • The lovely 1940s singing trio The Pacific Belles
  • Mills & Boom romance novel drama and lusty tease from burlesque star Ginger Leah Rye
  • Old-school New Orleans jazz music from Melbourne cabaret legend Jennifer Kingwell
  • Mind-bending magic from Cath Jamison
  • Physical comedy & mime from Rod Lara
  • Gorgeous singing and sass from Minnie Andrews

Visit the website to purchase tickets:

The Pacific Belles Vintage Variety

The Pacific Belles will be a feature act at Vintage Variety with Bobby and the Pins